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Listening is our business. Whether it is in our 100+ seat telephone survey facility, via our online studies, sitting in our focus groups, or at one of our strategic consultations with our clients, we figured out a long time ago that we are in the business of listening. Since the day we opened our first call center in 1994, we have been dedicated to turning what we hear into actionable data and information for our clients.’ve grown, and learned, quite a bit since our humble beginnings here in Austin, Texas, more than 15 years ago.  We left that tiny office space crammed with a few phones and moved to our sizeable facility in San Marcos, Texas, that features more than 100 interviewing stations. And, we’ve learned more than even we thought possible from hundreds of thousands of hours of survey and focus group experience. We’ve designed and implemented research programs for all types of industries and entities, and we have grown from a trusted phone center into a premier research strategy company with a global client base.

These days, our survey center runs seven days a week. We are usually in the middle of focus groups somewhere in the U.S. or the occasional exotic international destination—when you send us there. And, right this moment, somebody, somewhere is online filling out one of our surveys.

We’re greatly appreciative of all the wonderful and interesting opportunities our clients have and continue to give us to keep busy—busy listening.

—Sanjay Vrudhula
Founder and President, Customer Research International, Inc.

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