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The Texas Quality of Life Index© is a multi-module survey of communities throughout Texas. It is a Random-Sample Telephone Study utilizing scientific methods and industry best practices in order to achieve accurate and reliable projections of the attitudes and opinions of the entire community.

The Quality of Life Index serves many purposes:

  • Prioritizes community preferences for municipal services, providing input for city officials in determining municipal budget priorities.
  • Improves quality of life communications through a quantitative reading of stakeholders’ perceptions, attitudes, and expectations necessary to improve a local government’s services, lifestyle, environment, and economy.
  • Provides data for attracting commerce with the ability to gauge community preferences using the QOL Index when soliciting new businesses.
  • Provides a finger on the pulse of the community with regard to targeted growth and development—Downtown Revitalization, Green Initiatives, New Industry, Residential Development, and Branding.
  • Provides municipal governments with a unique, uniform baseline measurement with which to gauge their performance from year to year.

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