Customer Research International


Sanjay Vrudhula

Sanjay Vrudhula, President
Mr. Vrudhula has fifteen years of experience leading Customer Research International, Inc. He oversees all strategic planning and financial aspects of CRI. Prior to the founding of CRI, Mr. Vrudhula worked for ten years in the design and implementation of marketing databases for the data processing industry at Dell Computer Corporation. Prior to his work at Dell, Mr. Vrudhula operated his own marketing business.

Mr. Vrudhula earned a Bachelor of Science in Technology degree, majoring in Information Systems from Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas (1987).


Michelle Vrudhula

Michelle Vrudhula, Vice President
Ms. Vrudhula has fifteen years of experience in the management and oversight of the CRI’s call center operations. Her responsibilities include production management, interviewer recruiting and hiring, staff training, and project management. Ms. Vrudhula has 20 years of professional experience in technical and logistical operations, project management, customer service, and human resources. She possesses a highly developed attention to detail, and brings that sill to bear in overseeing all aspects of research projects from briefing and sample management to fielding and data entry. She also serves as one of the project managers for client projects, assuring that all aspects of production are executed as agreed upon.


Lyle Durbin

Lyle Durbin, Vice President Client Services
Mr. Lyle Durbin has overseen a variety of CRI’s operations and client interfacing for more than twelve years. His areas of responsibility include product delivery, customer requirements, project management and quality controls. Mr. Durbin has twelve years of experience in CATI programming and data analysis packages. His exceptional ability in managing all technical aspects of a project—from sample management and questionnaire programming to daily, final and cross-tabulated reporting/analysis—offers CRI clients peace of mind. Ultimately, he is responsible for ensuring that the quality of data our clients receive is the highest attainable. Mr. Durbin also acts as a project manager on client studies to be certain that all aspects of outside production are executed as agreed.

Mr. Durbin attended University of Texas at Austin (1996-1998). His coursework emphasis included advanced mathematics, general sciences and statistics.