Customer Research International

Support Staff

Megan Huddleston

Megan Huddleston, Marketing Manager
Megan Wallgren began working at CRI (Austin) while in high school, as part of a marketing program and job training. During her two year stint in Austin, she began as an evening interviewer and worked her way up to quality remoter. After high school, she moved to San Marcos to attend Texas State University, and earned a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography. While attending college, CRI moved its growing call center to San Marcos, where she rejoined the team in 2001. She worked her way up again to Quality Remoter, Trainer, Supervisor, Supervisor II, and now most recently Marketing Manager! Her 10 plus years at CRI has been filled with many wonderful memories and many more friendships. Next year brings big things for her, as she gets married, buys a house, and eventually starts a family!


Justin Cooper

Justin Cooper, Programmer/Analyst
Programmer, analyst and beard enthusiast Justin Cooper started as an evening interviewer at CRI in June 2002, quickly being named Newcomer of the Month in July and then Employee of the Month in August of the same year. He has since worked within the company as a Day Interviewer, Trainer, Remoter and Head Supervisor before being given the opportunity to join the programming team in March 2007. In his life away from work, he is an accomplished, award-winning and award-nominated writer with film, national television, nationwide print magazine and off-off-Broadway stage credits to his name. He is also expected to attempt an ill-advised cartwheel of joy when and if the Chicago Bears are able to win another Super Bowl.