Customer Research International

You Are — An Advertising Agency

CRI has worked with some of the largest ad agencies in the business. We have also worked with some of the smallest boutique firms. We have found that, whatever your size and resources, you share a common goal – creating sustainable relationships between your clients and their customers.

How We Help

  • Showing you who your clients’ customers are
  • Tracking customer perceptions
  • Revealing customer positions within the marketplace
  • Framing messages so customers will hear them

Research is an essential element of these challenging processes, and something we understand. We’re a full-service marketing firm with years of experience providing on target, reliable, actionable research to our advertising agency partners.

Things We Do

Whether you require a 10-person focus group, a telephone survey of 10,000 or anything in between, CRI serves as a trusted resource for:

  • Mapping research strategy and goals
  • Identifying appropriate research methodologies
  • Designing and executing research
  • Analyzing and presenting research findings

Take a look inside our Services area to learn more about the research tools we offer, and how they might be applied to your agency’s needs.