Customer Research International

You Are — A Government Agency

You Are — A Government Agency

CRI, a Texas HUB, has significant experience with both the RFP process and working directly with government entities at all levels. We have worked with federal state, city and county governments as well as school districts. We’re highly adept at shepherding the research process through committees, and develop working products for the field with high value-adds for decision-making.

How We Help

  • Showing you who your clients are
  • Reveal client perceptions of you
  • Delineate your position in the marketplace
  • Outline messaging that best targets clients in your market segments

Research is vital to each of these undertakings, and CRI has the in-house expertise and resources to deliver actionable research within a dynamic environment. In fact, our research often uncovers unexpected client perceptions and experiences that warrant the refining of marketing messages, operational processes and more.

Things We Do

As a full-service market research company, CRI serves is a trusted and respected partner in:

  • Identifying best-suited research methodologies
  • Establish research goals and processes
  • Designing and executing research
  • Performing comprehensive research analysis
  • Clearly presenting findings to relevant stakeholders

Take a look inside our Services area to learn more about the research tools we offer, and how they might be applied to your agency’s needs.