Customer Research International

You Are — A Market Researcher

CRI has proven itself a valued ally to a variety of market research firms. Our years of research experience and broad methodological proficiencies make us a trusted partner for market researchers facing an ever-evolving world of overlapping modes and methods.

How We Help

  • Provide scientifically collected data that instills trust in our clients
  • Employ highly efficient processes that allow us to gather and measure data and generate reports and deliverables in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Utilize rigorous scientific methods to ensure information provided is both accurate and repeatable

CRI remains fully committed to the “science” of data collection in all our research endeavors. It’s the primary reason why our clients entrust CRI with their projects. Imparting responsible and valuable advice to your clients requires the most accurate data and information available. CRI delivers that.

Things We Do

  • Map research strategies relevant to your customer characteristics and their market segments(s)
  • Design and implement scientific research methodologies
  • Conduct phone and online surveys
  • Setup and run focus groups
  • Monitor social media campaigns and channels
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Generate clear and actionable findings and reports

Each market research client is unique; however, we recommend that you take a look inside our Services area to learn more about the research tools we offer, and how they might be applied to your research needs.