Customer Research International

You Are — A Political Pollster

CRI provides first-class scientifically gathered data to its political polling clients, regardless of political affiliation. Having fielded thousands of political polls in our 15-plus years of experience, we have the experience, staff and resources to deliver the vital data you need under the tightest of deadlines during the most critical polling periods of the election cycle.

How We Help

  • Furnish scientifically collected data that is accurate and delivered in an expedient manner
  • Utilize our 100+-seat call center for national, regional, statewide and local polling
  • Bring decades of practice and experience conducting thousands of political polls to bear on behalf of your client(s)
  • Give you the best data available, thus allowing you to make critical decisions quickly and with confidence

CRI is fully committed to the “science” of data collection. Our depth and breadth of experience affords us the ability to adhere to rigorous methodologies, provide accurate data and to do so within the tight deadlines necessitated by election cycles. It’s why so many political pollsters have trusted us to meet their polling needs over the years.

Things We Do

  • National polling for presidential and congressional elections
  • Statewide polling for gubernatorial and congressional elections
  • Polling for mayoral, bond and school district elections
  • Conduct issue- and referendum-based studies

Each political polling client’s needs are unique; however, we recommend that you take a look inside our Services area and learn more about the polling and research tools we offer, and how they might be applied to your political polling needs.