Customer Research International

You Are — A Public Relations Firm

CRI has worked with a wide range of public relations firms, from “Mom & Pop” shops to agencies representing Fortune 1000 clients. All have shared the goal of creating and sustaining positive relationships between clients and their respective publics. Doing so requires that you know, as much as possible, what those publics are thinking, what key stakeholders are thinking and, at times, what personnel within your client’s organization are thinking. We get that.

How We Help

  • Provide credible, timely empirical data from which to build resonant messages
  • Measuring message efficacy with targeted publics
  • Formulating opinion polls that draw media attention

Our scientific methodologies ensure that we are able to generate data that is reliable, credible and replicable.

What We Do

  • Develop research strategies and goals based on your information needs
  • Design and execute required research programs
  • Conduct local and/or national telephone and online surveys
  • Run representative focus groups and/or one-on-one interviews

Take a look inside our Services area to learn more about the research tools we offer, and how they might be applied to your firm’s needs. Partnering with CRI can add the extra value your clients are looking for and give you that added edge above your competition.