Customer Research International

You Are — A Business to Business Marketer

Whether you manufacture a product for, sell a product line to and/or provide a service for other businesses, the challenges of the marketplace are many and varied. With years of experience as a full-service market research company, CRI brings knowledge and resources to the table that will help you thrive, whatever your market sector.

How We Help

  • Identifying viable customers
  • Discerning whom customers perceive as your competitors
  • Measuring customer awareness of your offerings
  • Delineating customers’ evaluative perception of products, services and business
  • Creating feedback loops to assess representation and performance by outside sales and third-party providers

CRI has a long track record of working successfully with B to B clients like you to identify all possible customers, partners, stakeholders, and factors impacting your ability to grow and sustain a profitable customer base.

Things We Do

  • Mapping research strategies and relevant to your market segment(s) and customer characteristics
  • Design and implement scientific research methodologies
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Present findings in a clear, actionable manner

Every business-to-business situation is unique; however, take a look inside our Services area to learn more about the research tools we offer, and how they might be applied to your company’s needs.